Our Story

89 started up in September 2014 as a local community project from an organisation called Love Barnet, who wanted to create a pop up shop consisting of local businesses to sell and create awareness of the creativity Barnet has to offer.

Barnet had been falling into the typical high street category with a lot of local businesses not being able to afford the rent and rates, larger brands were not wanting to take on these available spaces, meaning our town became a hub for unused shops.

This is why Love Barnet decided to step in.  They literally wanted to put the Love back into Barnet and it started with the pop up shop project, aka 89.

89 originally consisted of 13 local independent businesses; designers, makers, creators and a small trade of imported yet unique products not found anywhere else on the high street.  The shop naturally became a lifestyle shop selling hand printed wallpaper, home accessories, vintage and upcycled furniture, jewellery, children's clothing, natural beauty products and soaps, all from the original 13 sellers.

We also introduced Craft Workshop evening events for local budding crafters, something that was also missing within the community.

The 13 ran and manned the shop as well as guide the direction of it, up until the time for the pop up shop came to an end in March 2015.

89 in these 6 months grew a huge local fan base with fantastic support for the project, sales were being made above and beyond what could have been imagined, and we began to get regular and loyal customers into the shop.

March 2015 saw a change on many levels.  89 could no longer be a pop up shop as we had been trading for 6 months, some of our original 13 businesses wanted to move on, which we completely understood as we were only meant to be a short term project, we also faced a situation as to whether we carry 89 on and make a real go of it as a business.

That is where we are today! 6 of the original 13 decided to take 89 forward due to its success, and have turned it into a wonderful and thriving local business.

We all still individually have our own businesses to run, plus we stock 89 with our products along with other local and independent businesses from around the UK.

The sassy six behind 89 are:

  • Giovanna from H2oils
  • Jane from Chalk and Stone
  • Laura from Laura Felicity Design
  • Petra from Pemira Jewellery
  • Terry from The Dainty Dress Company
  • Tracie Murchison, Applied Artist

Together we are bringing something different and wonderfully unique to our local high street, to try and make Barnet a destination to shop again.  We have many visions in where to steer 89 and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

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